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International Tax

An integral practice of GHSK is advising clients on the international tax considerations for both their personal and business transactions. With an in-depth understanding of the tax needs of high net-worth international clients, the International Tax practice group provides personalized and sophisticated methods to minimize exposure to tax during their lives and those of future generations.

Our tax attorneys work closely with clients and often times their family office, to develop comprehensive plans that transfer wealth and closely-held businesses to the next generations. This often involves creating tax-efficient structures for their inbound and outbound investments, while also taking into account any non-tax considerations of importance to them.

In outbound planning we have used double tax treaties to minimize the client’s global effective tax rate, engaged in foreign tax credit planning and created structures to defer tax on income earned outside the United States and repatriate profits efficiently. In inbound planning we have created structures to hold U.S. real estate or U.S.-source passive income (such as portfolio investments), as well as advised on the consequences of being engaged in a U.S. trade or business, the tax and corporate law implications of different U.S. business entities and the subsequent filing obligations associated with such entities. 

GHSK has particular expertise in the company laws of Latin American and other civil-law jurisdictions, tax and investment laws of Latin American countries and the use of offshore jurisdictions in cross-border transactions.