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Domestic Tax, Trusts & Estates

The Domestic Tax, Trusts & Estates practice group covers a spectrum of private client law issues that U.S. citizen and U.S. domiciled clients often face. These issues require GHSK's experienced practitioners to produce tailored results. 

Our attorneys are committed to providing the advice needed to preserve and pass on wealth in practical and tax-efficient manners that meet the personal objectives of each client. Our Domestic Tax, Trusts & Estates attorneys regularly achieve these tax and succession-planning objectives through the use of tools and techniques ranging from wills and revocable trusts to complex irrevocable trust instruments.

GHSK regularly provides estate and trust administration services to clients and represents individual and corporate executors and trustees throughout the process of administering an estate or trust. We provide the expertise required to guide an executor through the probate process, marshal an estate’s assets, decide on port-mortem tax planning and make the final distribution of an estate to its beneficiaries. GHSK's team of trust and estate attorneys also counsel trustees and other fiduciaries in all faucets of trust administration.