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Property Management

The Property Managment team at GHSK assist with the care and maintenance of hundreds of residential properties located throughout the United States. Our property managers provide a broad range of services including:
  • Managing, operating and caring for properties such as apartments, single or multi-family homes and townhouses throughout the United States.
  • Collecting rents from tenants and assisting with the payment of maintenance, common charges, insurance, utilities, real estate taxes and other expenses.
  • Preparing an annual budget for clients to plan for expenses related to their properties.
  • Providing bookkeeping for clients to track income and expenses, and sending regular statements of account to clients. • Coordinating the preparation of income tax returns.
  • Arranging for ordinary repairs.
  • Establishing and maintaining bank property management bank accounts for the payment of property expenses and, where applicable, deposit of rental income.
  • Being available to tenants for the purpose of maintaining good landlord-tenant relations.
  • Working with brokers to find tenants for client properties.
Whether your ownership of US residential real estate is for personal use or investment purposes, our team of property managers are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and care for your property.