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Wealth & Succession Planning

GHSK's Wealth & Succession Planning practice area works closely with clients, and often times their family office, to develop comprehensive plans that transfer wealth and closely-held businesses to the next generations. With complete and expedient solutions, the Wealth & Succession Planning practice area's team of tax attorneys and in-house accountants provide personalized and sophisticated advice on transfer tax, income tax and charitable planning.

More often than not, the wealth structuring and succession planning has an international element, as most of the families GHSK represents are multijurisdictional. In those cases, GHSK has long-established relationships with experianced firms in the client's home country or another country where a beneficiary may reside, so that the clients of GHSK are engaged in planning that makes sense in all jurisdictions. While one of the main goals involved in the planning is to achieve the highest level of tax planning and savings, GHSK also devotes careful attention to the non-tax needs of its clients. 

GHSK's expertise includes the following:
  • Structuring the ownership of clients' assets using various domestic and offshore entities, including corporations, LLCs, trusts, foundations and private trust companies.
  • The use of foreign grantor trusts to effectively transfer wealth to U.S. beneficiaries without creating onerous tax liabilities for the U.S. beneficiary.
  • Domestic and offshore asset protection strategies.
  • Tax planning for inbound and outbound investment structures, including real estate.
  • Pre-immigration and pre-departure tax planning.
  • Life Insurance and annuity planning.
  • Transfer tax planning for those temporarily moving to the U.S.
  • Charitable planning, including advice on donor-advised funds, charitable trusts and the creation and operation of private foundations.
  • Advice on the various legal issues that arise concerning works of art.