Grant, Herrmann, Schwartz & Klinger LLP | Wealth and Succession Planning
Established 1946
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Practice Areas

Wealth and Succession Planning

The firm’s attorneys have significant experience in all areas of wealth structuring and succession planning for U.S. persons, non-U.S. persons and multijurisdictional families. We frequently collaborate with family advisors to achieve the highest level of tax planning while also devoting careful attention to the non-tax needs of our clients.

Our expertise includes the following:
  • Structuring the ownership of client assets using various domestic and offshore entities, including corporations, LLCs, trusts, foundations and private trust companies
  • Asset protection
  • Pre-immigration and pre-departure tax planning
  • U.S. tax reporting and compliance for multijurisdictional families
  • Multijurisdictional probate and ancillary administration